Fees & Payments Policy

Sellers may be charged for using some of Locally Made’s services. This Fees & Payments Policy explains your fees and taxes and how to pay them.

This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By opening an Locally Made shop, you are agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use.

  • Types of Fees
  • Fee Avoidance
  • Paying Your Locally Made Fees
  • Locally Made Payments
  • Taxes

1. Types of Fees

Sellers may be required to pay the following types of fees. Please note that all fees are listed exclusive of any value added tax (VAT) that may apply.

Listing Fees
Listing products on Locally Made is free of charge.

Transaction Fees
When you make a sale through LocallyMade.shop, you will be charged a transaction fee of 10% of the price you display for each listing.
Transaction fees are deducted from your current balance as each sale occurs, and are reflected in your payment account.

Off-site Ads Fees
Locally Made purchases off-site advertising from a network of participating partners, such as social networks and search engines.
There is no additional fee for off-site advertising.

Payment Processing Fees
Locally Made uses Stripe to process all payments.
There is no additional fee for processing payments of items purchased from your store.

Postage Fees
The seller retains the full postage fee that is charged to the buyer.
The transaction fee noted above is solely a percentage off all the product list prices from each order.

2. Fee Avoidance

Any action by a seller to avoid paying a fee is considered fee avoidance and is strictly prohibited by Locally Made. This includes, for example, encouraging buyers to purchase an item in your Locally Made shop through another venue. A transaction initiated on Locally Made may not be completed off the Locally Made site. The price stated in each listing description must be an accurate representation of the sale. Sellers may not alter the item’s price after a sale for the purpose of avoiding Locally Made transaction fees, misrepresent the item’s location, or use another user’s account without permission.

3. Paying your Locally Made Fees

Locally Made will automatically deduct all fees owed from your payment account. Provided you have sufficient funds in your payment account no further payment action is required. If your payment account does not contain sufficient funds you are responsible for paying any fees owed in full within 15 days of the date of your monthly statement, or the account will be considered past due, and Locally Made may charge your card on file or take other actions to collect funds as laid out in the Recoupment section of Locally Made’s Payments Policy. If you make a sale while you have an outstanding balance the net sale amount will be applied to your outstanding balance. You may pay your outstanding balance manually by credit card, or debit card.

Locally Made may suspend your selling privileges at any time pending payment of your outstanding balance.

4. Locally Made Payments

Locally Made Payments enables sellers to accept various forms of payment in their local currencies while using Locally Made’s services. Sellers registered for Locally Made Payments can accept payment by credit card, debit card, Locally Made Gift Card and Locally Made Credit, PayPal, some bank transfer services, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

5. Taxes

You are responsible for collecting and paying any taxes associated with using and making sales through Locally Made’s services.